Dr. Vitaliy Dorogan tuning the laser signal in the Optical Characterization Lab

Students Marzia and Nikhil help Nano administration.

Gordon Pearson meets weekly with Dr. Salamo to discuss research projects.

Grad students Priyanka Sharma and LaRae Brown, working in Dr. Henry's Protein Transport Lab, expressing and purifying recombinant proteins from bacteria.


Jeremy Dunklin using our plasmonic pervaporation system to separate butanol, a potential biofuel, in Keith Roper's Bio-Nano Sensors lab.

Gordon Pearson in the MBE Lab, utilizing the Multiscan STM/SEM scanning tunneling/electron microscope.


George Sakhel preparing a sample of gold nanoparticles to be functionalized with ATP

Dr. Dorel Guzun tuning the laser beam alignment in the pump-probe experiment.


Ben Conley and other students utilize Nano building technology in their small group meetings.

Dr. Al Faouri investigates the physio-chemical characteristics of Graphene for toxicological studies.

Industrial Advisory Committee round table discussion with µEP students

Dr. Salamo discusses Nanotechnology with area advanced placement high school students

Dr. Mourad Benamara demonstrates the Titan Microscope for International guests

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Enhancing NANO technology by bringing together teams of researchers, external collaborators, graduate students and post doctorates.

Nanotechnology Minor

The Nanotechnology minor is an interdisciplinary program that provides students with foundational knowledge and skills related to the emerging field of nanotechnology, including hands-on experience in several major areas of nanotechnology, such as synthesis of nanomaterials, nanoscale imaging, nanostructure assembly and manipulation, device and system integration, and performance evaluation. The Nanotechnology minor draws faculty expertise and coursework from the College of Engineering and the J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences and utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and facilities at the Institute for Nanoscience and Engineering. The Nanotechnology minor is intended to prepare participating students for a career in which nanotechnology is playing an increasingly important role, and increase students’ research competitiveness for graduate studies. The Nanotechnology minor is designed to be accessible to students majoring in engineering, physics, or chemistry and biochemistry. It is open to all students who have the necessary prerequisites to enroll in the courses that constitute the minor.


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The University of Arkansas Institute for Nanoscience and Engineering is at the forefront of research in nanoscience and nanotechnology.

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