About Us

Premier Research Facility and Services

The Institute for Nanoscience & Engineering is a premier research facility located on the University of Arkansas campus. The Institute comprises interdisciplinary departments across campus working in nanoscale research. Capabilities include materials growth and characterization, protein transportation, nano-bio photonics, theoretical modeling, tribology, and materials manufacturing. Successful federal funding, industry collaboration and support, and recruiting top notch faculty and students: For these reasons and more, the University of Arkansas Institute for Nanoscience & Engineering is at the forefront of research in nanoscience and nanotechnology.

Diversification of services available at the Institute for Nanoscience & Engineering

Materials Growth
Theoretical Modeling
Materials Characterization

Successful federal funding

The Institute for Nanoscience and Engineering has won large federal grants to fund its projects, including a total of almost $15 million over the past 10 years for the center itself, for graduate and undergraduate research and for education from kindergarten through 12th grade. In addition, each of the 15 faculty members has won individual research grants for nanoscience research.

Business Creation

In a few short years, two companies based on research in the Institute for Nanoscience and Engineering now thrive in Northwest Arkansas. NanoMech, founded by Ajay Malshe, employs more than 20 people and creates nanoscale coatings for tools, nanoscale lubricants, and nanoscale products for packaging, biomedical implants and the military. Malshe was cited as one of the ten most influential nanotechnology leaders of 2010 by NanoBusiness Alliance. NN-Labs, founded by former professor Xiaogang Peng, employs more than 30 people and creates clean liquid nanocrystals for use in highly efficient LED lighting and biomedical diagnostics.