Greg Salamo

Greg Salamo Picture
Nano #: 205
Speciality: Growth of nanostructures and devices, materials characterization, quantum and nonlinear optics
Phone: (479) 575-5931
Office: NANO 205


Nature provides us with breathtaking examples of elegant and functional nanosystems. From magnetic bacteria that sense the earth’s magnetic field using nanosized bar magnets, to the nanoparticles that give brilliant color to a peacock feather, the world around us is filled with examples of nanomaterials in action. These examples illustrate that the interaction between nanoscience and molecular and cell biology can be a strong and significant one. Perhaps for this reason, as the 21st century opens, an active interchange of ideas has begun to develop between biologists and nano scientists, driven by interest in the underlying principles and mechanisms governing Nature. It is clear that this is a time of exciting challenges for both fields, challenges that will present opportunities to develop answers to questions about the networking within and between cells that have long been mysterious and paramount in importance. We invite you to visit and see our program in action and to come and join our nanoscience and engineering team as we face these challenges. Our promise to you is that together we will work hard and that through a cross-disciplinary education you will be prepared with the skill and talent needed to lead innovation at the nanoscale.


  • Physics for Architects
  • Micro Electronics-Photonics
  • Optical Communication
  • Nanoscience
  • Bio-Physics