The faculty of the Institute for Nanoscience and Engineering work together, across disciplines, to support innovative research at the frontline of science and engineering.   The traditional labs of our faculty are still operating across campus, in Physics, Chemistry, Biological Science.  The Institute also brings together Engineering minds from electrical, biological, mechanical, and civil fields.  The common thread of all disciplines working at the Institute for Nanoscience and Engineering is to conduct research at the nanoscale level.  The institute houses state of the art equipment with multi-user labs and cleanrooms designed for nano fabrication and characterization.  By combining research goals, efforts, and resources, our inter-disciplinary team can create a collaborative science that exceeds what our labs can attain individually.


The Institute staff include post-doctoral researchers and adminstrative staff to ensure seamless research processes, open lines of collaborative communication, and attention to details that keep our instiutute running smoothly.


Institute students come from backgrounds across campus who are working with professors and research at the nanoscale.  The Institute also houses the µEP (micro electronics-photonics) Graduate Program.  The students in this program are Masters adn PhD students working with micro to nanoscale materials, processing, and devices. See for more info.


Affiliates come from academia and industry to utilize our user-labs and cleanrooms for advanced research.   Please contact us at for more information and how the Institute can help you attain your research goals.